Getting My Alcohol Licensing

Kianna 7 June, 2018 0

I have wanted to be a bartender for my whole life.  I know, this might not seem like the most ambitious goal in the world, but there has always been something about connecting with the local community as I serve local folks drinks that has appealed to me.  Anyway, the moment that I became old enough, I decided that I wanted to take the steps necessary in order to be able to get a bartending gig.  The first thing that I had to look into was TABC licensing, which is the licensing necessary in order to serve alcohol in the state of Texas.  Thankfully, there are a number of different ways in order to go about getting this sort of license, and so I began by searching on the internet in order to see what the most efficient way of doing this would be.

I found a great website that provided me with all of the info that I needed in order to get my license as soon as I possibly could.  This website provided me with the knowledge that I would need for the testing, and even gave me a whole bunch of different resources.  I was even able to apply for the classes on the internet, which made things a whole lot easier for me.  I had gone into this search a little concerned, but was relieved to find that the whole process was easier than ever before.

TABC licensing

I am now the bartender in a local bar in my hometown, and I am hoping to one day open up my own bar.  This is something that will obviously take me a little bit of time, but the fact that I was able to get licensed so easily definitely helped me move towards that dream.