Ways In Which You Can Use Spices: An Ancient Answer Adding A New Twist

Kianna 7 June, 2018 0

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Spices have always been important. The Romans had routes to bring spices from India back to the markets in the forums of their towns. Tall Ships were built with the single aim of getting spices from the east round the Cape of Good Hope and into London as quickly as possible, when the only source of power was wind

Uses of Spice

Spices add flavor, they act as a preservative, and they can substitute for salt in cooking.

We are used to the rows of spices in grocery stores and while they serve a need, they are not as exciting as buying fresh spices directly from spice companies in florida.

Spices do lose their zing

Think how long the spices in your cupboard have been there? Then imagine they were in the supermarket for about the same length of time and a warehouse before that. No wonder they seem dull.

Buying great spices

Getting spices from a specialist company opens your eyes to how wonderful a spice really can be. What we are not talking about is a gourmet store where all sorts of product which are vaguely foodie are sold and they sell regular spices at a higher price.

At a spice store you will be able to purchase the whole, fresh spice. You will immediately see that they are much more potent and pungent. The whole spice will also stay fresher for longer and you can still keep it in an airtight jar.

You also know exactly what you’re getting. You can see it. Ground spices may have been contaminated with salt, rice or flour in production. Flour contaminants may be inadvertent, but that doesn’t help if you have a celiac in the family.